Movement and language learning

More Activities

Take a look at the following videos and examples for some more language learning & teaching inspiration. 

Movement & Vocabulary

Jumping, running, dancing… all of these elements can be part of your language learning activities. Watch the following video from a nursery school in Prague.

Books, Books & more Books

Reading to or with your bilingual learner will help them learn every aspect of a language. You can read children’s books and discuss new words and ideas. You can talk about the illustrations and what there is to see. There are also specific  dual-language books for language learners as well as fantastic vocabulary books!

Workbooks, such as our Bee German series, support children’s writing & reading skills whilst they also help to improve their vocabulary knowledge, grammar and sentence structures. 

Classic Language Teaching Tools

Flashcards language learning


Flashcards for new vocabulary & repetition. 

Sticky notes language learning

Sticky Notes

Stick them everywhere around the house and learn new words with your little language learner.

Finger Puppets language learning


Finger-puppets are fantastic for shy language learners.

Whiteboard language learning


Great for playing games such as hangman, explaining grammar and exploring new vocabulary.