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Bee Bilingual is a multilingual language learning community that strives to create a meeting place and supportive network for bilingual families, language teachers and researchers that are experts in the field of bilingualism. We want to support children’s second- or foreign language learning with our resource platform that is accessible to the Bee Bilingual community. Share you own materials, talk about your experiences in our forum and stay informed with our monthly newsletters and informative blog section.

Bee Bilingual is a global network platform for exchanging ideas, activities, tools, worksheets….  At Bee Bilingual you can meet families and educators from around the world that have one common question: How can we support bilingual and multilingual children in their language learning?

If you would like to share your own teaching materials with us or perhaps you have website recommendations or teaching ideas, then please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us via email: beebilingualorg@gmail.com.

bilingual education

The limits of my language means the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher

I have started Bee Bilingual to bring families and educators of young Lingunetbilingual-and multilingual learners as well as researchers from around the world together to create a meeting space for exchanging ideas, resources, information, as well as hopes and dreams. For the past 13 years I have worked in the language learning & book sector, both as a language teacher, researcher and as an author of the Bee German: German for Children series. In my studies and language teaching journey, I discovered that there is a great need for language teaching resources for children as s well as guidance on bilingualism & multilingualism for parents. I hope that this community will inspire you! Remember: Bilingualism & multilingualism is a superpower. 

Would you like to contribute to our growing community? Do you have resources that you would like to share or would you like to write a guest blog post on your own experiences as a parent or teacher of bilingual children? Simply send us an email: beebilingualorg@gmail.com and we will get back to you.